Welcome to my website and also a link to the home of The Butterfly Bowling Club, my latest project. Click onto www.thebutterflybowlingclub.co.nz. Otherwise stay on this website to look at the many artworks I've created over the years up to the present day. Some are still available for sale. I’m a self taught professional artist, environmentalist and educator based in Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand and I've been an artist all my life. Click on My Artwork above to view the range of my work and feel free to contact me if you wish to visit my studio to view or purchase any artwork. I also recommend friending me on Facebook to stay in touch with new artworks.

As I'm now well into my 50's I've explored many ways of expressing myself visually. In recent years my art projects have been used more to express my desire for more environmental awareness.


 I have also worked on collaborative projects with other artists including musician/composer Rhian Sheehan, Poet Laureate and environmentalist Brian Turner, and dancer/choreographer Lyne Pringle, and created 'The Halo Project' with nature photographer Derek Tearne. These collaborations have informed particular periods of my work. Currently I'm creating a giant kaleidoscope of butterflies spreading out around Newtown then throughout our capital city and surrounds. Eventually all over New Zealand and beyond.