Born in Whakatane, New Zealand in 1963. I’m a self taught professional artist, environmentalist and educator based in Wellington, New Zealand. My works are held in collections throughout New Zealand, Germany, The Netherlands, the United States, Australia and England. I've been an artist since birth and a professional artist for more than 30 years.This website showcases a selection of some my artworks created over the last 30 years. Click on My Artwork to view them and feel free to contact me if you wish to visit my studio to view or purchase any artwork. I also recommend friending me on Facebook to stay in touch with new artworks hot off the easel.

For 6 years recently I was a board member/advisor for the Real Art Roadshow trust and travelled all over New Zealand teaching thousands of school kids how to look at contemporary New Zealand art. Since early 2015 I have been working on 'The Halo project' series with Auckland photographer Derek Tearne and soundscape artist Matu Booth. The first outdoor installation of these bird/photo paintings was in Carrara Park, Newtown. Since then we have developed a series of weatherproof bird photo/paintings that are touring New Zealand as a vehicle to promote eco-activism and the awareness of the vital importance of predator free Bird sanctuaries and native tree planting initiatives throughout New Zealand. In March 2017 it was staged at Silo Park for the Auckland Arts Festival and on Wellington's waterfront promenade Summer 2017 and then showcased at the Mahara Gallery and Nga Manu Nature Reserve in Waikanae Aug-Sept 2017. Following that it headed to Nelson's Provincial Museum October 2017-Feb 2018 to promote the recently created Brook Waimarama Sanctuary. Click onto 'The Halo project' in the my artwork section of this website to view these artworks.


 I have also worked on collaborative projects with other artists including musician/composer Rhian Sheehan, Poet Laureate Brian Turner, and dancer/choreographer Lyne Pringle.

Professional experience

  • Self taught, Self- representing Artist 1988 - present
  • Massage Therapist 1990 - present
  • Co-Producer, sound and projection operator and set builder for Contemporary Dance Company Bipeds productions 2006 – present
  • Artist Residencies during International Arts Festival Wellington - 2002, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014
  • Artist Residency ‘Art in the Park’ Wanaka Mar-Apr 2011
  • Board member, Advisor and Educator for the Real Art Roadshow Trust  2011- present